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Can you succeed with emotional intelligence? If you ask us this question to us, then we will ask you another question then. In what area are you looking for success? Is it for the job? Is it at the school; Getting a good percentage of marks? Is it having a healthy family relationship? Is it having a healthy married relationship? Our answer emotional intelligence helps you to succeed in all walks of life. It is not confined to 1 or 2 areas of life. All walks of life for the young would-be couples. It is very useful; it is a great tool; we tell you which can help you have matched with your partner, Emotional Intelligence will let you know.

So, you are prepared for that and that preparation will help you to overcome the struggles, and the fights which sometimes happen will lead to disputes. So, we have tested, we have given to young people, would-be married couples and I find it works very well for them.

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Requirements Analysis

We explore the 'ins and outs' of emotional intelligence tests along with a rich assortment of info and links to paid EQ assessments.

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Custom Offerings

Test your candidates' emotional intelligence with criteria pre-employment EI assessments which can be customized as per your needs.

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Hand Holding & Mentoring

Because people are generally led by their emotions, 95% of all important decisions are made subconsciously. We help them, guide them to understad their potentail.

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35 years of experience

For over 35 years, myemotionaljourney.com has been helping people enjoy happy, successful careers with a one-stop learning platform. Myemotionaljourney.com by Dr. Dalip Singh and Prof. N.K.Chadha is an integrated technology-driven platform that empowers individuals, professionals, parents, educators, recruiters, training professionals, and businesses through training, coaching, and research-based resources to equip youth with emotional intelligence skills.

When we proactively help people build these skills, they have a ready reference to use from when they face challenges big and small. This, in turn, promotes their personal, academic, and one day professional success.

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Our Platform

This unique and future ready EQ Platform will give you the skills and tools to develop your confidence in any social or business environment and make the changes you need to truly achieve your potential. We invite you to engage with us today to enhance and enrich your personal and professional lives in ways you never thought were possible.

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Dr. Dalip Singh, IAS(R)

Co Founder & Promoter
He is an ex IAS officer and a trained psychologist & an expert on emotional intelligence. He is a best seller author also.

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Prof. (Dr.)N.K.Chadha

Co Founder & Promoter
He is an acclaimed Psychometrician and Consultant Psychologist. He was HOD at Dept. of Psychology, University of Delhi.

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