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Recognising and identifying emotions is a prerequisite for developing emotional intelligence. There is a major difference between experiencing emotions and recognising them. We all experience emotions but only a few among us can actually recognise them. Recognising your emotions is the ability to use the analytical capabilities of your brain. People who can identify and recognise their emotions have higher levels of emotional intelligence. Being clear about your emotions is necessary for living with a purpose.

In the process, you will learn how to improve your EQ by con- trolling a particular emotion. How do you recognise your emotions? A senior executive was heard saying, ‘He does not know when he gets angry. It ’s only after he has released his pent-up feelings that he realises he was angry.’ On another occasion, a subordinate complained that he does not know how to identify and recognise the emotions of his boss. ‘By the time I realise what he wants, it ’s all over,’ he says. In order to accurately recognise your emotions, you need higher EQ competencies.

Know Your EQ: Take your first step today by attempting the emotional intelligent test which has been designed by Psychologists to reveal your emotional makeup. There are two versions of the test:

  • • PAID TEST- This is full length EQ Test consisting of 22 situations eliciting your reactions. It will measure your emotional sensitivity, maturity and competency. After completion of test you will receive email of your ‘emotional profile’ along with professional TIPs to enhance your EQ. The test fee is only INR 999 for domestic clients. International clients can take this test in only USD 10 approximately.
  • • FREE TEST: A limited and abridged version is also available free of cost which will only give short emotional profile to a client.

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EQ Test Benefits

HowThis Test Will Help you to Understand your EQ?


Emotional Sensitivity

This specially designed test will help you to understand and analyse your emotional sensitivity in detail.

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Emotional Maturity

This specially designed test will help you to understand and analyse your emotional maturity in detail.

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Emotional Competency

This specially designed test will help you to understand and analyse your emotional competency in detail.

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Take your first step today by giving your EQ Test which has been designed in both English and HindiLanguage. The test fee is only Rs.1499/- for domestic customer. International customer can take this test in only $20.

Our Testimonials

It is a comprehensive and much-needed psychological testing website that will be beneficial to all to handle emotional turbulences.
Sanjay Srivastava, IAS(R)
Former Chief Secretary
NCT of Delhi and Goa
The EQ TEST developed by Prof NK Chadha and Dr. Dalip Singh is a unique and research-based psychological tool. Both professionals and students should attempt it to improve performance.
Prof CS Dubey
Vice Chancellor
KR Mangalam University
A timely contribution to our understanding of the value of emotional intelligence, especially in its application to the workplace.
Prof. Madhu Vij
Faculty of Management Studies
University of Delhi