Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence : An Overview

Can you succeed with emotional intelligence? If you ask me this question to me, then I will ask you another question then. In what area are you looking for success? Is it for the job? Is it at the school; Getting a good percentage of marks? Is it having a healthy family relationship? Is it having a healthy married relationship? My answer emotional intelligence helps you to succeed in all walks of life. It is not confined to 1 or 2 areas of life. All walks of life for the young would-be couples. It is very useful; it is a great tool; I tell you which can help you have matched with your partner, Emotional Intelligence will let you know.

If you have the assessment of your Emotional Intelligence through our platform and your would-be partner with whom you are going to marry or you love. I am not saying that you do not love; you do not partner with that person. That person’s Emotional Intelligence will also be assessed on the platform. So, your Emotional Intelligence profile is available; other persons' Emotional Intelligence profile is available.

“There is no separation of mind and emotions; emotions, thinking, and learning are all linked.”
Eric Jensen

Say, for example, you are high on emotional maturity and your partner with whom you are going to marry is not high on emotional maturity. Okay, you can help her through our platform to develop it. Even if she does not want to develop or he does not want to develop, then at least you are aware that here I and my partner in life will differ.

So, you are prepared for that and that preparation will help you to overcome the struggles, and the fights which sometimes happen will lead to disputes. So, we have tested, we have given to young people, would-be married couples and I find it works very well for them.

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