Emotional Intelligence Test for Training

Emotional Intelligence Test for Training & Development

There is proven scientific evidence that any vibrant organization or organization which had been excelling upward in success are Emotionally Intelligent organization. There is a lot of scientific evidence available across the globe which shows that the organization with members having strong Emotional Intelligence, has done to deal effectively with the environment. Keeping that in mind, we have developed a training program for the organizations and in this platform, we can help the organization identify where they stand in terms of international standards.

Once they understand how their employees are performing on Emotional Intelligence, whether they are at a low, technically we call it 25%tile level or they are high at a 50%tile level or very high 75%tile level or excellent 90%tile level. When we say 90%tile level, it means that 90% of the people are below that individual or that organization on a continuum of Emotional Intelligence; only 10% of people are above.

“We are establishing the instrumental reliability on a different population and tool reliability we have obtained calculated indexes given which is over 0.9 that is split-half reliability and test-retest reliability. ”
Prof.(Dr.)N.K.Chadha & Dr. Dalip Singh

So, this instrument on the platform of Emotional Intelligence will help the organization and we have done this to identify the people and then made different categories. Once, they were identified then the training was given on various components of Emotional Intelligence to increase their sensitivity, competencies, and maturity level.

Once, they have developed behaviour modification techniques, all the employees then will help the organization to become an emotionally by the brand, emotionally upward organization. In the corporate sector cut across girls in India versus abroad, after the coming of the multinational company over here, a lot of stress has been given to this training component.

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With this Emotional Quotient Test, you will find out what emotion types you have. Discover who you truly are with our detailed Emotional Intelligence Test.

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