Emotional Intelligence Test for Recruitment

Emotional Intelligence Test for Recruitment : An Overview

Psychological Assessment is very common, you may be knowing a part of one of the recruitment and selection processes. Recruitment? What is recruitment? That we must understand; It means to identify the potential candidate to be selected out of a lot of candidates who apply for a position ABCD, what are the potential candidates and the identification of potential candidates is done through an Emotional Intelligence assessment. Emotional Intelligence with a very scientific robust instrument like which you will find on this platform, which is available on my emotional journey platform (www.myemotionaljourney.com) you will find this tool, which will tell you about the employees and then these profiles are made of the would-be employees to be recruited and are given to the panellists.

When they are given to the panellists, they will interview for half an hour- 45- minutes, and based on the half an hour - 45 minutes, you are going to take a decision about the employees, if you are going to hire them. If you hired the wrong employee, by chance, it can create a big damage to the organization, it can spoil the same thing, you know if a bucket of Apples you put one Apple which is rotten then you find that after some time the entire bucket will become rotten. Similarly, if you have one employee or two employees who are wrongly picked up then they will spoil; It will have to multiply effect i.e., 1 X 1 X 1. This effect will spoil the organization. So, that is very clear that emotional intelligence will help them understand what is Emotional Intelligence and that we need to see emotional intelligence.

“We are establishing the instrumental reliability on a different population and tool reliability we have obtained calculated indexes given which is over 0.9 that is split-half reliability and test-retest reliability. ”
Prof.(Dr.)N.K.Chadha & Dr. Dalip Singh

Are the employees whom we are going to pick aware of his personality, about his interactions, and aware of whether others are also aware of him? This is self-awareness and will help in maintaining good interpersonal relationships and organizations, In every job in the organization, any organization there is an interdependency i.e., one department to the other department to the department and within the department each member of the organization to another member of the organization there is an interdependency.

If interdependency is not insured, then there will be mismatch and incompatibility between one employee and another employee or one department and another department. And obviously, when there is incompatibility, conflicts are there and instead of 2 + 2 equal to four, it will become 2 + 2 equal to zero as two are positive and two are negative so they will counterbalance the effect.

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