Emotional Intelligence for Mental Health

Emotional Intelligence for Mental Health : An Overview

Understanding another concept is a very important, significant link between emotional intelligence with mental health. mental health is very crucial and very important for each one of you to maintain mental health and if you maintain and ensure mental health then physical health will be maintained. In another sense there is an interrelationship interdependency between mental health and physical health okay, which will ensure your wellness in the journey there is evidence, there are empirical studies and we study which very clearly show that there is a positive relationship between emotional intelligence and the final mental health.

When I'm saying mental health means less depression, less anxiety, and proper sleep they're missing out on sleeplessness assertiveness resilience capacity, positivism, the change of perspective it's easy to say often you must be hearing from people around one should be posture, you should have a positive mind-set. The question asks how to do it. Saying is something different but through our instruments, through our platform, we are trying to ensure mental health.

“We are establishing the instrumental reliability on a different population and tool reliability we have obtained calculated indexes given which is over 0.9 that is split-half reliability and test-retest reliability. ”
Prof.(Dr.)N.K.Chadha & Dr. Dalip Singh

We guide you through that so that you can diagnose yourself. You must form the habit of self-criticism. When you do self-criticism, that will give you inside the infrastructure, inside an emotion, and intelligence will help you to understand yourself, what you are, what are your characteristics, which are very positive, which can take you the long journey, and what are the characters of which can stop your progress and not from your perspective. One of your perspectives, then it's important for you. For any one of us.

If I say, for example, I think I am an honest person and with the people, I interact with and they don't think I'm an honest person, that means there's an incompatibility. What I think. What other things? If they say, for example, to extend the argument. If they think I'm not honest, they are not saying I'm dishonest. But they say, no, we don't agree. We are not convinced you are honest. It means I fail. I fail to demonstrate my honesty. Who is responsible? Think over it. Not they. I'm responsible if they can't see that. If I have called either, I have no quality. I don't have that quality.

If I have that quality, then it should be seen by others. If they don't see the quality that may I fail to demonstrate henceforth who has to put the effort you think they have to help me know I have to help myself I have to start working so that here and now in their presence, my honesty can be reflected. They can perceive it. They can see it. That compatibility will help you. That will become the optimism in you. See the postal side of that, not inactive coin has both had entailed it's up to you what you want to see and my advice to you is this motion intelligence will help you to keep true and go towards the head which goes towards the posture not going to the tail head will take this forward, they will take it backward. So work on that. It will also bring assertiveness. Sometimes you have an argument.

I have seen working in Delhi. You will see my students have a good argument and a good interpretation. But they were shy. They were not coming forward. They were saying I always challenge. I challenge you also. That put the question. You cross-question me. You cross-question yourself. Then you cross-question. You are getting your food for your thought. That will give you further and your health, mental health. Whether it's depression, loneliness, anxiety, sleeplessness, assertiveness, or resilience bouncing back. Today challenge. Everyone has a challenge. I hope you will agree. Everyone has a challenge. But the successful person is that who can change today's challenge into tomorrow's opportunities. So through motion intelligence, you will learn how to change your challenge. Today's threats are coming to your life. How you can convert them to the opportunity for tomorrow to success. Makes sense.

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