EQ For Stream Selection

EQ For Stream Selection

Let us talk about the issue of stream selection, one of the biggest issues is not only in India, it is globally let me tell you. In India, the child decides the stream in a very unorthodox and eccentric manner. In the sense when I say that every child gets influenced by the parents or by the relatives or by the peer group. My friend has taken humanity; My classmate, I will take humanity. Father wants his son to be an engineer so, he is asking, reaching out to the school, approaching the class, motivating the child, or forcing not motivating a forcing child to go for mechanical engineering. Ultimately, he/she will end up joining Mechanical engineering, or Civil engineering or medicine when they do not have that kind of personality, they do not have that kind of orientation, and do not have the Emotional Intelligence to handle the domain area. Through the Emotional Intelligence test, there will be a position to help you identify the stream.

Let me give an example, know where I asked the father if his child’s emotional intelligence shows that the child is more suitable; as an academician with 45 years’ experience that the child is most suitable in the fashion designing area as per the emotional intelligence dimension prevalent in the child. It will lead to success in that area. But the father insisted that I want my son to be an engineer. My question was why do you want your son to be an engineer when the profile says something else? He said because my own father wanted me to become an engineer which I could not become henceforth when my child was born 17 years back, I determined I will make my child an engineer so that I can fulfill the desire and wishes of my father through my son. Do you think father is wrong, as a psychologist, I said no? That is the emotional attachment of the father to his father as he wants to fulfill the desire of his old father through his son. When I asked the son, what he would like to join - a fashion designing area is shown as the most suitable area. He said, I know my interest in liberal art, I have desired to go for that but I will not join that; I will join engineering. Why? Because by this I will be making my dad happy. That is my dad. Is the child wrong? As a psychologist, I say no, the child is right. Here, the Emotional Intelligence test will come to the rescue as our platform will let you know, let the father know in a scientific way how it has been assessed, the profile will be available to the father and the profile will be available to the child. I do not see any ground on which they say you do not agree. So, the mindset will be changed and for the stream selection, the right stream selection will be coming to that process.

“What really matters for success, character, happiness and life long achievements is a definite set of emotional skills – your EQ — not just purely cognitive abilities that are measured by conventional IQ tests.”
Daniel Goleman

So, stream selection is one of the biggest issues, the biggest challenge in front of the child, in front of the parents, and the school also. All three stakeholders are there and, in the process, I have made many tests that help in his stream selection, like rigidity, temperament, social intelligence, self-esteem, and self-awareness. Research has very clearly indicated that children who have low self-esteem, tend to go for the stream section based on what their friends are saying. They do not apply their mind. That is the difficulty, the low self-esteem, because my friends are going, they will go over there without question. As I said earlier, it helps in stream selection, and emotional intelligence, when you go to the platform, the tool will help you. But then what is the benefit of educational institutions? Tomorrow, education institutions can say how it is going to, though it is going to help the child, and the parents; fine, agreed. But, how is it going to help me? So, when the entire school or whatever 50%, 80%, depends on the school resources, we will recommend the entire school in this situation should go and tell your students to undergo the assessment on our platform.

Once they give the assessment, then the school will get a comprehensive picture, in the sense that they will come to know how many children are falling into categories A, B, C, and D - low, moderate, high, and excellent. Then, as they give the stream, so it will help the school as till now, schools have been giving the subject selection based on the percentage of marks. Does the person have 80% to 90% marks, okay you go to science? He or she may not be interested in that. He or she may not be having any inclination toward that percentage mark. But a child gets 50% marks; That is the difference between our system and the US system. In the US, it is not the percentage of marks but rather, it is your interest; it is your assessment that determined which stream to secure the options there.

With this, the school’s Principal, and the administration will be in a position to understand the platform of the assessment that there is a child who has a high percentage of marks but is suitable for fashion designing, humanities, social sciences, or wherever. Or a child, having marks equal to Social Sciences but his Emotional Intelligence is not up to that level which requires a different kind of challenge and says for example, in Social Science if the child is introverted and not extrovert at all, were to be put in Social Sciences, he or she will fail and then have a midlife crisis which often happens at the age of 30-40, people start thinking around this age, Oh what have I done, I think I have wasted my entire life you know. And the forty, I hope you will agree with me. It will be very difficult to change the profession. The right time to change your profession request a suitable career at the age of 20, 21, 22, 23, or 24 by that time not at 40 as by that time you have crystallized. Many of you obviously have married, and have a family so that responsibility pulls you. Have frustration and keep on working.

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