EQ for Success in Interview

EQ for Success in Civil Services Exams.

Can emotional intelligence help me in getting success in my interview? It is very important. It is a concern for each and every youth. Ultimately success in interviews will ensure getting the job. My answer as an EQ expert; Yes, it can. If you are high on emotional intelligence, then you will be in a position to assess the others in this case. The others are the panellists sitting in the interview; You can understand them and their desire, what they want to enquire from you. You can match your answer according to the demands. If their needs are fulfilled by your answer, I hope you will agree with me then your prospectus of getting selected will be multiplied.

Because Social Intelligence has four components - Understanding the self and self-awareness. That emotional tangent of our platform will let you know what you are on Emotional Intelligence. That is why I am asking you to come to the platform, as once you know about yourself, then the second component of Emotional Intelligence is knowing others. Others mean whosoever with whom you are interacting in the interview. There are 5 panellists sitting and interviewing you. So, you will be in a position to understand them and when you understand them then you apply your Emotional Intelligence.

“When awareness is brought to an emotion, power is brought to your life.”
Tara Meyer Robson

The other component of Emotional Intelligence is relationship management. That means building a relationship with them. When you build a relationship, then the experts will definitely be interested to know more and more about you which can increase your probability of you getting selected.

The same model we have been using with many of the coaching centres. Most of the good coaching centres do a mock interview when the candidate passes through the UPSC examination, the main examination. Then they have to face the interview. There are 250 marks for the interview, and most of the candidates, if you do not get more than 200 plus marks do not get finally selected. So, this will help you to prepare for that.

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