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My Emotional Journey : An Overview

My Emotional Journey platform has the domain www.myemotionaljourney.com. It contains the tool meant for the student population, for career decision making plus for the adult, and when I say adult, cut across all the sections of the adult-like whether its professional, whether it’s working, whether its non-working or whether it is housewife, whether its players and whether it’s parenting as this tool is applicable for both the population which is there on my journey platform and this my journey platform has two instruments or two tools which we call in a psychological assessment language. One is meant for the adult and the other is meant for the adolescent.

Adolescents till the age of 17-18 and adults start from there till the age of 80+. It is not only confined to 20-30 years. This tool helps you to assess in a very simple way no need to sit at a table and chair while you are driving in the city, sitting in the back of your car, whether you are just jogging in the garden, enjoying, and looking at the beauty of the garden, you know enjoying the breeze; you can just open your smartphone and can start working on the assessment and you will get the profile.

“We are establishing the instrumental reliability on a different population and tool reliability we have obtained calculated indexes given which is over 0.9 that is split-half reliability and test-retest reliability. ”
Prof.(Dr.)N.K.Chadha & Dr. Dalip Singh

One of the beautiful things in the profile which you will get, which is not available generally is that we identify people based on the tool; whether there moderate, low, moderate to high, or high or excellent Emotional Intelligence. It measures Emotional Intelligence, measures maturity of the person, competency of the person, or sensitivity of the person.
Then we provided the platform with tips. Tips are very meaningful. Tips will let you know not to worry. Let me tell you as a psychologist working for so many years doing a lot of coaching and counselling that no need to have a positive mindset. Even if you are low today, no problem, it is with me also. I also had a low EQ, no problem, I developed it. The tool has provided tips by which you can shift yourself from the low to the moderate level, moderate to a high level to the high level.
Yes, we are concerned not only for the low, high, or moderate level but we are also concerned in this platform that the few of the high or excellent Emotional Intelligence that is happy but that is not enough. You can feel happy I have excellent emotional intelligence as per the assessment but that is not the end. You have to work harder I would say, harder to sustain on that. Sustainability is the issue. So, we provide information, we provide tips, we provide activities to carry on by which you can maintain your level. It is easy to go up the ladder you know, you can reach the tenth step but sustaining over is hard. There are forces that will start pulling you but we will help you in developing your potential.

Allow me to divide this platform to make it more simplified for your 3 segments. The first segment will deal with - you answering the questions, and situations with have been raised on the platform to assess your Emotional Intelligence. Once it is assessed through the answers you have given and I am assuming that is my conviction you will answer to the best of your honesty. I am not expecting honesty from you, if it is coming for me, it is great. But I want it because it is self-assessment. Basically, my intention is to show you the mirror, I put the mirror in front of you through this platform so that you can see where you stand.

Once you know that information then the second part of the platform will give you a description. What it means for you; how it means for your life, in your career, in different walks of life, married life, interpersonal relationship. And then the third part of this platform would be dealing with the developmental part; how you can develop, how you can maintain not only develop if you are excellent, that you are on the top of the staircase but that does not mean that it is the end. You have to maintain that, the stability you have to bring and what are the steps to be taken – This tool will handle all that. That is the reason this is a complete journey in itself related to the Emotional Intelligence of the person.

So, you are prepared for that and that preparation will help you to overcome the struggles, and the fights which sometimes happen will lead to disputes. So, we have tested, we have given to young people, would-be married couples and I find it works very well for them.

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